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Data forms the foundation for digital transformation in organisations. Whether it's a question of smart cities, digital administrations or the development of smart grids: these all rely on a better exchange of data between humans and machines. Now that data silos are gone for good, the question is how you, as an organisation, take charge of these complex data streams.

Spatial ETL: transforming your geodata

ETL stands for Extract, Transform, Load: exchanging data in different formats between systems. Spatial ETL will streamline the integration of your geodata. You gather the data, convert it to the appropriate form and format, and publish it where required. At GIM, we do this using FME, Safe Software’s pioneering Spatial ETL tool.

From unstructured data to clear insights

We turn large volumes of unstructured data into clear insights. This concerns transactions such as:

  • Data conversion: converting data to other formats and systems, such as converting data from GIS to CAD or BIM systems (and vice versa.)

  • Data integration: combining or merging data from different systems and formats, such as with e.g. Linked Open Data.
  • Data enrichment: enriching geographical data with other data, such as in geocoding, where addresses are enriched with geographical coordinates.
  • Data validation: inspecting and improving the quality and employability of geodata. This allows geometries of e.g. urban development permits to be automatically corrected to the right map of plots (see also: "Grip on GRB (Large-scale Reference Database)").

The power of automation

Thanks to the use of FME, the - sometimes complex - conversions run almost automatically. The geodata engineers set up automated workflows, which guide the entire ETL process. If required, they also integrate manual checks. This saves you enormous amounts of time and energy in managing your data flows.

Why GIM?

Data integration is no hype at GIM, but has been a core expertise for over 20 years. Day after day, over 30 data engineers help our customers to harmonise their geodata. As a Gold Partner of Safe Software, GIM has all the necessary competences in house for a solution tailored to your specific needs. Keen to know more? Be inspired by the many references at utility companies and authorities.

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