Retail Location Planning

Achieve your full potential in retail with geoanalysis


With geoanalysis you can access competitive advantages. For example, useful market knowledge, insights into your customer base and the perfect location for your store, but also the ideal basis for more efficient media campaigns.

As a retailer you face unique challenges: e-commerce, large-scale shopping centres, accessibility, vacant properties, the desertion of small centres, and so on. Geodata gives you insights into the minds and habits of your consumers, allowing you to cleverly respond to market trends and changes.

Retail locaiton planning

Maximise your competitive advantages thanks to:

  • Perfect insight into your market

Using geodata you can gain insights into competitors' strategies, trends and evolution in the market, and so on. In doing so you, the retailer, can keep your finger on the pulse and strengthen your competitive position.

  • Thorough knowledge of your customers

Where do your customers live, work and shop? The answer to this question makes a big difference to retailers. Thanks to mobile data you learn more about your customer's behaviour, allowing you to respond to their needs and habits. You can also combine your customer and prospection data with socio-demographic insights, domestic information and purchase behaviour, competition, and not forgetting your store data. Geocoding provides a wealth of location intelligence allowing your business to act on competitive opportunities.

  • The right store location

The location of your stores is key to your success. Where are there lots of visitors? How many competitors are there in the neighbourhood? Is the location easily accessible? Is there plenty of parking? Using the data from e.g. Locatus and Belmap you can establish the perfect location. Furthermore you will continuously beat your competitors to valuable location information and know exactly when it's time to expand or open a new store.

  • Targeted media campaigns

Use geodata to set up efficient media campaigns. Focus on the right customers, using the right channels and based on the right geographical criteria. Using smart geoanalysis you can address each customer segment in their preferred manner.

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