Master Address Management

Faultless address management for your organisation


Address management is often a real puzzle. Addresses are always changing, an error can soon slip into your database and you may even have different data sources in all sorts of formats. With Belmap you gain an in-house solution with which to streamline your address management

Many organisations struggle to manage their addresses properly. Even so, this information is often essential to allow processes like sales, marketing and logistics to run smoothly.

All of your addresses from a single high-quality source

Belmap integrates permanent address details from different official, commercial and in-house sources. On a daily basis, intelligent, self-learning algorithms determine which source contains the best quality information. In this way you always use the best address information available, and for the whole of Belgium.

Belmap takes care of the addresses, you take care of your customers

This solution combines the best of both worlds: you work with the most recent address details. But there's no need to worry about maintenance and quality control.

Belmap gives you a series of powerful features and services allowing you to boost your productivity:

  • All Belgian addresses and sub-addresses in a single harmonised data model.
  • Automatic address normalisation: this means that you always receive the correct way of writing the address and the right language versions.
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding: each address is given a precise location on a map, which enriches your planning, prospection or market analysis.
  • Easily manage green-field addresses for new building projects, and in doing so avoid phony addresses in your database.
  • A unique code for each address, which reveals its source and history. This code allows you to easily create links to other Belmap applications.

Master Address Management

Tailored to your specific situation

You decide for yourself how to unlock the address details. Regular updates, permanent service using an API or integrated with your own IT environment? It's up to you. Different needs? Then Belmap adapts to suit you.

Read all about Belmap , the most complete source for address and building information in Belgium.

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