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How are your customers distributed in geographical terms? How should you align your sales teams? Do your retail outlets cover your entire market? And which regions are best served with e-commerce? Essential questions, to which you can obtain structured responses thanks to geomarketing.

The data is out there

Never before was there so much geoinformation. Smartphones, social media, apps, digital customer cards … and all the rest: these all gather details about the location of your target audiences. Furthermore, using Belmap, GIM gives you plenty of additional insights about the location, mobility, lifestyle and consumption behaviour of your target audience.

Clear competitive advantages are to be gained by combining these cleverly and using them correctly.

Customer & market intelligence

Who are your customers and what motivates them? Where do they live, work and shop? Our experts combine your customer data with details from business intelligence systems and geographical data. The result? Relevant patterns, trends and links which allow your marketing and sales teams to figure out their customers properly. Naturally, all data that we use is GDPR-proof.

The first step in the process is geocoding: we enrich your address list with geographical coordinates to suit your needs.

Channel management

Which sales channels are best suited to a particular region? Where is there still potential for your distribution network and where are you better restricting your operations? Are all your distributors well spread out? And which regions are best served with e-commerce? Using smart geographical analysis you can easily determine the most efficient approach for your organisation.

Sales organisation

An efficient sales organisation? The key is an accurate distribution of your teams across your sales regions. Detailed insights into the geographical distribution of your customer base are therefore no luxury.  We delve into the data for you and provide clear insights with which to optimise your sales organisation. These also take into account the workload of your sales representatives.

This is how Ferrero gets the most out of its sales teams.

Campaign management

Marketing costs money. So it's quite logical that you want to target your campaigns as much as possible. Focused on the right customers, using the right channels and based on the right geographical criteria. Using our smart geoanalysis you know exactly how to target the interesting customer segments.

Optimise your sales and communication with geomarketing? Ask your question.


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