Geoanalysis for risk management

Chart risks efficiently


As an insurance company you can use geoanalysis to track down risks linked to locations and buildings quickly and efficiently.

A building's characteristics, location and surroundings largely determine the insurance risks of that particular property. Do you want to analyse such risks efficiently and in detail? Then Belmap, which contains all details of buildings and addresses in Belgium, is your perfect source of information.

Just a few of the questions that are efficiently answered with Belmap:

  • what is the function of the insured building and nearby buildings?
  • what are the building's characteristics? What is its volume? Does it have solar panels? Is there a swimming pool in the garden?
  • how many people live there?
  • is it a safe environment?
  • is there a greater risk of flooding?

Smart analysis for smart risk management

As an insurance company you can use geoanalysis to:

  • create your (online) simulations for new policies fasters, more accurately and more successfully;
  • enrich your customer databases with geographical info at a variety of statistical levels (address, district, region);
  • detect geographical patterns or ‘hotspots’ in your customer portfolios;
  • analyse to what extent an insured property is exposed to a particular risk;
  • support the management and control of location-linked risks;
  • check the geographical spread of insurance objects, thus avoiding accumulative risks.

See how insurer Aon Benfield refines his customer advice with precise property information.

Keen to know how you can optimise you risk management thanks to Belmap and geoanalysis? Contact us.

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