Precision Farming

Actionable geo-insights for precision farming


Identify zones of special interest by analyzing the right satellite images at the right time. As a result, pay the right amount of attention to each piece of land.

Detailed soil analyses

GIM can analyze satellite imagery with the highest level of precision in order to determine which plots of land are most suitable for farming. Our approach:

  • We study archive images in order to determine past crop performances. This enables us to accurately assess soil performance.
  • By studying satellite images of bare soil, we can gain an insight into specific soil characteristics (such as water retention, the amount of organic matter and the homogeneity of the soil composition).

The result? We can provide you with all the information that you need in order to make the most efficient and environmentally-friendly decisions regarding your farming operations, increase your crop yield and pay the right amount of attention to each specific piece of land.

Monitor crops and plantations in real time

GIM can create customized metrics, indicators and time series by analyzing satellite images at regular intervals. These will provide a detailed picture of the evolution of your crops as well as changes to the land. The benefits are listed below:

  • You can immediately see which plots of land you need to pay attention to.

    Extent and severity of issues such as plant diseases, weeds, pest attacks, water stress, etc. can be mapped quickly and precisely. You will also be able to carry out more targeted crop scouting than ever before: you can closely monitor the performance of your crops and the plant stress that they are subjected to, thus enabling you to take mitigation actions and later on measure the efficiency of your protective interventions on your land.

  • You can carry out efficient and timely intervention on your land, just where it is needed.

    Targeted monitoring of your crops will allow you to carry out the protective measures required just in the affected areas. The result? No unnecessary efforts in the field and minimum waste.

  • You can (literally) reap the benefits of customized geo-insights. For the most specific applications including:

    - seed production optimization;
    - precision management of tropical plantations down to individual trees;
    - targeted irrigation of orchards.

Want to find out how GIM can help your precision farming operations? Contact us to discuss your requirements. 

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