Who we are

More than 20 years of experience in offering smart geo insights. 60 highly-motivated geo experts. A client list that includes more than 750 businesses and government bodies. That’s us.

Your expert in geospatial information

Everything happens somewhere. And location information helps you to anticipate with greater precision, decide better and work faster. You can count on GIM for everything to do with location:  smart geodata, powerful software and volumes of expertise. From our sites in Leuven and Gembloux, GIM's geo experts serve governmental authorities, companies, research centres and NGOs in search of illuminating location insights.

Answers for tomorrow

As a technology player, GIM bases its strategy on three trends that are shaping the society of tomorrow.

  • Internet of everything:  People, data, processes and things are constantly interconnected, wherever they may be or go. Location information is the fuel for smart solutions for the cities and infrastructure of tomorrow.
  • The data paradox: More data does not always provide better information. GIM focuses on quality, reliability and usability of geodata.
  • Digital transformation: Organisations can save time and money thanks to smart geo apps and the automation of their data management.

Our profile

GIM stands for:

  • More than 20 years of experience in geographic information;
  • More than 750 customers who work with our products and services;
  • Some 60 geo experts: above all geographers (bio)engineers, economists, and IT specialists;
  • The GIS Training Centre, that briefs users in all the tricks of the trade.
  • ISO 9001 certification of our quality policy.
  • A customer satisfaction rate of more than 85%

The GIM spirit

GIM is committed to quality, both in the services we offer and in the way we engage with our employees, our clients, and others. Throughout our partnerships – both internally, and with clients and suppliers – we adhere to a number of values and guiding principles:

  • positive thinking,
  • strong sense of responsibility and commitment,
  • customer focus,
  • respect for co-workers and suppliers.

GIM is ISO 9001 certified for its Quality Management System.

Who we are

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