The people at GIM


At GIM, over 70 experts work hard each day to provide you with smart geo insights. Here are the people who ensure everything runs smoothly.


Vital Schreurs

Vital is the Managing Director at GIM. 25 years ago, he recognised the tremendous potential of geodata in various sectors and founded GIM in his mission to market this knowledge and expertise. Vital also works to develop the geo sector in Belgium, as a member of various business associations.


Caroline Heylen

Caroline is both co-founder and Operations Director. Using her passion for technology and organisation, Caroline ensures that all GIM employees are able to work together efficiently. Caroline is also one of the great minds behind FLAGIS, the Flemish Association for Geographic Information Systems. 


Christophe Adriaensen

As Sales & Marketing Director, Christophe spends his days with clients and partners.  He commutes between our offices in Gembloux and Leuven, and coaches our teams in developing long-term relationships with clients. Moreover, Christophe coordinates  our team of experts serving utilities and infrastructure operators. 

Steven Smolders

Steven Smolders

Steven is our Technology Director. You can come to him with complex questions that no-one else can answer. Every single day, he makes every effort to develop new products for our clients together with his Innovation team.

Babs Dumont

Babs Dumont

Babs takes care of our Human Resources. Her mission is to attract the right talent and help GIM employees to grow and flourish. If you want to exchange tips on teamwork, self-management, coaching and all the challenges involved, then you should certainly come and see Babs. 

Veronique De Laet

Veronique De Laet

Veronique is a geographer, computer scientist and motivated project leader. Clients from the private sector can count on her team to keep ahead of their competitors, thanks to smarter locational insights.


An Heirman

GIS & geodata, GeoICT, GDI, INSPIRE: these are the topics for which authorities have been coming to GIM for over 20 years. To be honest, should anyone ever organise a quiz about GIS in Flanders, An and her team would be hard to beat. 


Thierry Meessen

Clients know Thierry to be a dedicated project leader who has mastered all the various ins and outs of geotechnology. We know him to be a motivated people manager of the team that serves authorities in Brussels, Wallonia and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

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