The “Carte Solaire” puts Wallonia on the path to a CO2-neutral building stock

17 May 2023

Wallonia will soon have a digital mapping application that will allow citizens, the renewable energy sector, public authorities and companies to calculate the potential for installing solar panels. This is one of the measures of the Walloon recovery plan adopted by the Walloon government at the initiative of Minister of Climate and Energy Philippe Henry as part of its alliance for climate renovation. With this, Wallonia aims to confront the energy crisis and encourage the transition to renewable energy.

Bundled expertise

To develop this application, the Walloon administration's energy department issued a public tender and awarded the contract to GIM and Energie Commune. The combined expertise of both partners is the perfect match to realize this very important tool for Wallonia: Energie Commune as a renewable energy specialist and GIM as an expert in the development and management of geographic information systems.

Perspective 2050

The Carte Solaire is one of Wallonia's responses to the energy crisis and is part of the ambition to achieve an energy-efficient and carbon-free building stock by 2050. This digital map application will be the central communication and planning tool to encourage the further development of solar energy and related developments such as prosumers, energy communities, energy storage and electric mobility.

The Carte Solaire will target different types of users, each with their own needs:

  • Citizens, such as tenants and building owners, will be able to use it to estimate the solar potential of a roof, plan the optimal installation and calculate the payback period.
  • Energy professionals, such as energy experts, solar panel installers and energy producers, will have an objective promotional tool for planning and implementing solar installations.
  • The public sector, especially municipalities, CPASs, provinces, schools, hospitals, swimming pools, police zones, inter-communal associations and the Walloon administration will have a tool for estimating solar potential, which will allow the further deployment of solar energy in Wallonia.

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