GIM extends its location intelligence offering following a partnership with CARTO

18 September 2017

CARTO is a web-based location intelligence platform combining powerful visualisation and analysis with impressive ease of use. GIM is thus able to offer its customers unique insights into the WHERE and WHY of their activities.

CARTO is a leading location intelligence platform that transforms location data into insights for marketing, logistics, store placement and infrastructure management. Users such as marketers and business analysts use this cloud software to understand where things happen, why they happen and to predict what will happen in the future.

CARTO + Belmap = accurate insights

GIM will use CARTO as a data visualisation and analysis tool in its Location Intelligence Center of Competence. GIM can offer its customers unique insights for making strategic decisions, by combining CARTO with its Belmap geodata product and its location intelligence services.

Users in a wide range of sectors, such as banking and insurance, real estate, utilities, retail and consumer products can gain a competitive advantage from location intelligence services such as:

  • drawing up statistical analyses and future scenarios;
  • streamlining services and operations;
  • risk management;
  • analysing sales potential;
  • and so on.



Founded in 2012 by environment scientists, visualization experts, and big data analytics, CARTO is headquartered in New York City with offices in Spain and Estonia. CARTO has a team of 100 employees, a portfolio of 1,200 customers including BBVA, BCG, NYC, and Twitter and more than 200,000 users over the globe. 

GIM extends its location intelligence offering following a partnership with CARTO
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