eCognition Suite version 9.5. now available

19 July 2019

eCognition Suite 9.5 introduces a variety of productivity improvements designed to strengthen point cloud operability and boost Deep Learning performance.

GIM partner Trimble recently launched eCognition Suite 9.5. This new version of the software platform for geospatial applications is a major release and continues to leverage the latest feature extraction technology to solve challenging problems faster and more accurately for remote sensing specialists, Geographic Information System (GIS) experts, cartographers, photogrammetry and other geospatial professionals. 

A new point cloud resampling algorithm is available to reduce the oversampling of points in dense regions and thus increase processing speed. In addition, raster layers can now be displayed within the 3D viewer to enrich data fusion and aid rule set development. 

eCognition’s Deep Learning algorithms have been expanded to support models using batch normalization leading to speedier and more robust learning.

More informaton about the new release can be found in the blog article of Product Manager Keith Peterson. A complete list of new features and bug fixes can be found in the Release Notes document.

If you want to know more about eCognition software or licences, have a look here or contact Christine at GIM