Solutions for utilities and infrastructure

Correct, current geodata is an essential basic tool for utilities and infrastructure players, as regards correctly planning and executing works as well as collaborating efficiently with authorities and other parties.

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Our answers to challenges for Utilities and Infrastructure

Utilities and Infrastructure

1. Efficiently submitting planning applications using the KLIP and KLIM portal

In Flanders, as a cable and pipeline operator (KLB), you are obliged to submit your planning applications via the Flemish Government’s KLIP portal. From January 1, 2016 (KLIP Digital Phase), this must be done fully digitally in the specific IMKL exchange format.

For Wallonia and Brussels, planning applications go via the KLIM (CICC) portal. GIM offers you an integrated solution adapted to the requirements of both the KLIP DF and the KLIM platform.

As a cable and pipeline operator, you are best advised to opt for a robust, integrated solution geared to the needs of your organization. GIM is the right choice for:

- Transforming your paper plans or scans into intelligent digital data;

- Modeling and converting your digital data into the required data model (e.g. IMKL in Flanders);

- Automatically submitting and managing planning applications using the KLIP and KLIM portals.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Converting your geographic data

Need to convert, integrate or validate a large quantity of geographic data? Using traditional GIS or CAD software is a time-consuming and therefore costly affair. GIM is changing that through the power of automation. Automated conversion, data integration and validation proceeds faster, is more reliable and improves your internal efficiency.

Utilities and Infrastructure

Optimized network management

A correct overview of all geographic details is essential for managing networks of cables, conduits and pipes.

- A complete, correct inventory of your network enables you to keep its value up to standard

- Decisions about possible expansions can be made based on reliable basic details

- Maintenance work proceeds efficiently, based on a correct, up-to-date situation

- You can make simulations for adapted dimensioning.

Learn how GIM built an integrated GIS for Régie de l'Electricité de Wavre. 

Utilities and Infrastructure

Route planning

For delineating new routes for major infrastructure projects – pipelines, high voltage cables, waterworks, transport networks, etc. – you must have a clear picture of the possible locations. After all, you must be able to map a potential route in detail, with a clear overview of the soil conditions, the natural and infrastructure-related obstacles, and so forth.

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