Sales and Marketing

Optimize your sales and marketing activities, maximize your ROI and efficiently plan your campaigns with geographic insights tailored to your sales team.

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Sales and Marketing

Putting your business and market data (literally) on the map

Enriching your customer base and business data from ‘Business Intelligence’ systems with geographic data can supply you with socio-demographic insights for your marketing and sales teams. Then, displaying that spatial information in graphic form also makes it even easier for you to discover relevant patterns, trends and correlations.

Discover our solution: Business Data Mapping.

Sales and Marketing

Optimize your indirect sales channels

How can you improve the performance of your sales channels? Which areas have much potential for your distribution point or point of sale? Where can you best expand your distribution network and where can you cut it back better? How do you ensure that your distributors are located with optimum spread? You can easily determine the most efficient approach for your organization based on smart GIM geographic analyses.

Discover our solution: Dealer Network Planning.

Sales and Marketing

Plan location-oriented media campaigns efficiently

To raise the ROI of your media and marketing campaigns to new heights, you will want to know where your customers or other target groups are represented the strongest. GIM supports you here with smart geo-analyses. This gives you all the insights you require for choosing communication channels geared perfectly to your target group’s needs.

Discover our solution: Marketing Campaign Targeting

Sales and Marketing

Efficiently organize your sales regions for maximum return

Are your sales activities organized according to different sales districts? If so, you will of course want to have detailed insights into the geographic spread of your customer base and sales results.

Based on geo-analyses, GIM supplies you with all the information you need for making your sales team perform better and for spreading your sales regions optimally among your representatives. An example? Read how GIM analyzed the distribution network of Ferrero down to the finest detail.

Discover our solution: Sales Territory Design

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