Mobility and Logistics

Always sending out your teams quickly and efficiently will enable you to meticulously structure your company fleet and mobility, as well as the organization of your sales and logistics activities. Geographical information can make the task easier for you.

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Mobility and Logistics

Reduce journey times and costs

Your company fleet needs to hit the road at regular intervals in accordance with a fixed or variable schedule. That is why you need to schedule and map the fastest routes – for both customary and urgent interventions.

GIM can provide you with the geographical insights that you need while taking into account numerous factors such as the traffic situation at any time of day, or schedules. The result? Time- and cost-effective journeys and the provision of a seamless service. For example, read more about how GIM analyzed speed and traffic data in order to optimize bpost's distribution routes.

Mobility and Logistics

Optimize the structure of the regions you operate in

From regional sales teams to logistical processes: so many of your business activities and services are geographically structured. GIM can provide you with smart insights based on spatial data and geomarketing analyses so that you can streamline them.

As a result, you will be able to coordinate your sales activities to match the expectations of your customers and economic reality. You will also be able to determine the most cost-effective routes and movements for your sales or logistics teams and organize the optimum geographical distribution of your customer portfolio and sales outlets. Want to find out more? Read about how GIM helped to organize the sales activities of Ferrero.

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