International (aid) organizations and NGOs

Current, precise geographic and demographic information about developing areas is a must for international organizations and NGOs. It enables them to define priority areas for their actions and to coordinate their development aid efficiently.

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International organizations and NGOs

Detecting and mapping settlements meticulously

To give development aid decisiveness, you need not only reliable demographic information, but also accurate geo-insights. Yet information about developing countries is often lacking or changes every other minute.

Determining the size, population density and growth of slum areas? Detecting human settlements, infrastructure and changes in the (urban) landscape? GIM’s Earth Observation services use satellite images to formulate an answer to questions from aid organizations or NGOs. In this highly cost-efficient way, you acquire objective geographic and demographic analyses about developing areas, no matter how large they may be.

Want to know more? Discover how GIM mapped the Nigerian states of Kaduna and Bauchi in order to guarantee the success of the UNICEF and WHO polio vaccination program.

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