Correct, up-to-date and extremely detailed geographical data is an essential requirement for insurers as it will enable them to assess the insurance risks associated with a property of location more accurately.

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Assessing insurance risks correctly

To a large extent, the risks associated with a property to be insured will be determined by its exact location and the characteristics of its surroundings:

What is the function of the adjacent buildings? What is the height of the building? How many (other) residents are there? Is the surrounding area safe? Is there a risk of flooding? Are the properties to be insured sufficiently spread out geographically (cumulative risks)?

These are just a few of the questions that you, as an insurance company, will need to answer and geodata can help you find those answers. GIM can provide geographical data, map risks and offer relevant insights to enhance your address list and optimize your risk analyses.

Learn how insurance companies assess risks thanks to smart geodata. 

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