Government authorities

A well-developed geographical information infrastructure (GDI) will enable government authorities to communicate correctly as well as to offer a good service to citizens, businesses and other government departments.

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Government authorities

Develop a GIS infrastructure

A high-performing GIS can guarantee continuous, open, secure and reliable communication via a wide range of platforms. It is also in line with INSPIRE – the European GIS directive.

Is your GIS not performing as well as it used to or does it not offer the solution that you are looking for?

At GIM, we will tackle your problem by taking a four-step approach. First of all, we will carry out a GIS audit in order to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current system. Then we will provide a step-by-step plan for migrating the current situation to a high-performing GDI. We will also advise you on how to structure your architecture and help you choose the best software. Finally, we will implement the GDI, integrate it with your other business systems, migrate your data and develop customized software for you.

Government authorities

Make your geographical information accessible

Thinking everything through carefully is the best approach to take when opening up access to your data to a wider audience (open data). GIM can help you identify the best standards to use and to offer sophisticated technical solutions.

If you want to make your data available via a geoportal, we can help you decide on how to organize your data as well as on the target groups that you want to reach and the services that you want to provide. We can also help you manage the rights of your users and also enable them to access your geodata via mobile devices.

Government authorities

Improve the service you provide through the smarter use of geographical data

Enhance the service you provide by combining your geographical data sources and transforming them into usable information. GIM can help government authorities to structure their geographical databases (formats, objects and relationships). Or you can ask us to transform your existing data model into a different more usable or supported file format.

We can also optimize the way that you collect your geodata by gathering digital data from different sources or harmonizing multiple data sets to form a single set, for example.

GIM can also help government authorities to set up the right control mechanisms for geodata so that you can be sure that your geometry (e.g. topology) and attributes are of optimum quality. We can also detect inconsistencies during the combination of multiple sources, in 2D or 3D.

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